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Monday, 9 November 2009

Last orders at the Churnet Valley

Bulldozers are closing in the on the old Churnet Valley pub in Newcastle Road, so this may be your last chance to see the now forlorn building. The pub served its last pint nearly a decade ago and was subsequently bought by Industrial and Agricultural Engineers (Kluznik's to local folk) who used the car park as additional storage for their neighbouring works. At least they made the building safe from vandals who had targeted the pub almost as soon as it closed.

Now the site belongs to Morrison's who are going to create extra car parking and a new access onto Newcastle Road as part of their expansions plans for what must be the busiest store in the town.

The pub owes it's name not to the River Churnet - which is about a quarter of a mile away - but to the Churnet valley railway line which passed through Leek Station (where Morrison's now stands). As the nearest pub to the railway station, the Churnet Valley must have been a real hive of activity in years gone by. As a reminder of the old days, there's also a postcard of what it looked like in the early 20th Century. Note the covered walkway which sheltered customers going to and from the station.

It remains to be seen whether the additional Morrison's access improves conditions at the Junction Road/Broad Street mini-roundabout, or simply makes another hazard on an already busy section of Newcastle Road.

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