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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Derby Street - eyesores or what?

How pleasing to see Derby Street today, unblemished by the burger van and its accompanying chairs, table, motorbikes, dogs - oh, and customers.

Am I alone in thinking that mobile food wagons like this have no place in the middle of an allegedly protected and much-loved historic street? I suppose they provide a useful service for those burger-munchers who prefer the outdoor life so they can smoke unimpeded. But does this really add anything to our town - it certainly detracts from its appearance Lord knows what the neighbouring teashop owners think about it.

Even though the burger van was blessedly out of sight on a quiet Thursday afternoon, Home & Colonial still managed to litter the pavement with assorted pallets, trolleys, boxes and the occasional box of East European-branded food teetering on the edge of its use-by date.

I know they've become a local 'treasure', but how the heck do they get away with it?

And don't get me onto the subject of those artistic 'bollards' that no-one has been able to fathom for years. Firewood, perhaps?

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