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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Leek road plan: the big vote

It's about time for me to return to the blogosphere. Tomorrow, Jan 6, is the big chance for Leek people to vote on the proposed 'improvements' to Leek town centre roads as put forward in the Sainsbury's planning application.

Firstly, I haven't got a big gripe against Sainsbury's, although the store will certainly present a major challenge to some shops in Leek.

No, my issue is with the changes to Leek traffic flows and the completely unacceptable standard of public consultation on the scheme. Finding the exact details on what is planned has been like pulling teeth. SMDC and Sainsbury's should have done much more to tell local folk about it.

As we heard at the public meeting in December, those who have tried to get info have been met with responses like 'the document's too big to email' and 'the general public won't understand traffic flow data'.

What this member of the public doesn't understand is what the junction at the bottom of Ashbourne Road has to do with a Sainsbury's supermarket at the far side of the town. Without doubt the setting of the Monument will be damaged by placing traffic lights a few feet away. And I'm certainly not convinced by the artist's impression which magically shows three lanes of traffic and a pedestrian refuge in Ashbourne Road where there is currently room for two lanes.

Similarly, every aspect of the road plan seems to raise more questions than it answers. The only area they seem to have ignored are the streets closest to the Sainsbury's site which will be most affected by those seeking to avoid a magical mystery tour of the town centre - ie West Street, Garden Street and Belle Vue.

For those who still want to find out more, please visit the old Bamboo shop in the Market Place between 10 and 2 on Thursday. All credit to those who have put the display together and who have taken action to get people involved.

Please get out an vote between 4pm and 9pm on Jan 6 - it's the only way to prove what the town really thinks of the scheme.

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  1. Well its happened, the roundabout has gone. Without a doubt the traffic situation is far better but we will have to see what the concrete maze looks like when we have flowers etc there. At the moment the space is great but it looks so bare!